"MRT" was awarded as the 2022 innovative small and medium enterprises
Guangzhou Mingrui Dynamic Information Technology Co., LTD. (MRT) passed the identification of "2022 innovative Small and medium enterprises", this identification, on behalf of MRT in the long history of development won another honor, MRT's innovation ability and technical strength has been affirmed by the country again, in the enterprise journey, MRT again won a milestone.

After fierce competition among enterprises and national selection, on November 22, 2022, Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology received the good news that Guangzhou Mingrui Dynamic Information Technology Co., LTD. (MRT) passed the recognition of "2022 Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises". This recognition represents MRT has won another honor in the long history of development. The innovation ability and technical strength of MRT have been affirmed by the country again. On the journey of the enterprise, MRT has once again achieved a milestone.

In terms of innovation ability, MRT is not satisfied with the existing technical level and the ability to solve and plan solutions, but constantly penetrates into various industries, striving to realize Internet + in various industries and empower enterprises. MRT adheres to the Internet + service as the core, strategy construction as the guide, creative interaction as the drive, technology development as the means, in-depth analysis of the Internet + solution difficulties, shaping the "medical, education, e-commerce, traditional industry + supply chain solutions", redefine the "Internet + supply chain system".

MRT has eight years of development experience, service more than 2000+ enterprises, encountered service types up to 300+; From 2015 to 2022, MRT has won a number of awards for its innovation capabilities and corporate experience: High-tech enterprises, municipal science and technology innovation small giant enterprises, science and technology smes, contract-abiding and creditworthy enterprises, 3A enterprise credit rating Certificate, 3A Lixin Enterprise Certificate, software product evaluation, state-encouraged software enterprises, membership of software association, overseas trade record registration form, specialized, special and new, and 25+ software copyright.

Since its establishment in 2015, MRT has focused on the development of integrated services. While accumulating technology and industry experience, MRT has always insisted on creative development and proposed Internet solutions for various industries with innovation, which has been unanimously praised.

MRT will, as always, take "unlimited creativity, achievements in the future" as the corporate philosophy, never forget the original intention, adhere to innovation and development, in the journey of the enterprise time and again beyond themselves, to make their own contributions to the national Internet development industry.