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Guangzhou Mingrui Xundong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (MRT) focuses on enterprise Internet solutions, providing enterprises with integrated services such as consulting research, strategic deployment, customized development, operation support, and planning guidance. Since its establishment in 2015, MRT has adhered to the core of Internet services, guided by strategy construction, driven by creative interaction, and used technology development as a means to assist customers in realizing Internet transformation.

The business provided by MRT includes Internet + project consulting, customized system development, website construction, WeChat official account development, small program development, APP development, H5 development, etc. At present, MRT has accumulated hundreds of successful cases, and the projects involved in education, medical care, new retail, tourism, catering and many other fields have accumulated rich industry and project experience. With excellent technology and service quality, MRT has successively provided services to many Fortune 500 companies, international brands, large state-owned enterprises, and well-known domestic Internet companies, and has been unanimously recognized.

So far, we have provided digital solutions for hundreds of enterprise groups in various industries
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    • Guangzhou Top Ten Software Development Company
  • internet innovation
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  • educational innovation
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Your best choice on the Internet
360° all-round service
MRT's 360° digital transformation service, comprehensively cuts into the customer's industry, deeply analyzes the difficulties of Internet transformation, customizes valuable digital implementation solutions, and continuously empowers the development of enterprises.
Rich industry experience
Accumulated rich experience in education, medical care, new retail, tourism, catering and other industries, serving customers of many international brands and local enterprises, well versed in brand marketing methodology, formulating and implementing effective Internet solutions, and promoting enterprise innovation.
Excellent technical ability
MRT has rich technical experience in program development and system customization, has obtained a number of software registration patents, and has unique insights and practical experience in cutting-edge technologies such as SaaS systems, IoT, cloud computing, and AI technologies.
reliable partner
Tailor-made suitable Internet solutions for customers, adhere to originality, copyright guarantee, so that your system will be worry-free. On the road of Internet transformation, MRT will serve you wholeheartedly and become your reliable partner.
Ongoing Industry Monitoring
To deal with the era of unpredictable and iterative updates, MRT always monitors the trends of the Internet industry, deploys research on potential possibilities, and provides reference for the future development direction and strategy of enterprises.
Business Process
Preliminary investigation
Systematically collect customer development needs, and provide professional Internet advice according to project needs; after a quick assessment, confirm the cooperation conditions.
Project Analysis
Through sufficient data collection and market research, we can gain an in-depth understanding of the industry status of the project; analyze the status of the enterprise and the project, and dig out the pain points of users.
program development
After fully communicating with customers, sort out project requirements, propose rationalized project planning, formulate project strategic plans, and provide feasible suggestions.
product design
Senior product managers complete product planning according to the plan; designers provide customized interface design based on interactive prototypes.
technology development
The front-end and back-end development teams adopt the interface synchronization method to ensure the sustainable development and iteration of the program, and support the development of various development languages ​​such as java, php, and python.
project test
Through functional testing and performance testing, ensure that the project is more stable; through testing a large number of different types of equipment, in order to maximize project compatibility.
Delivery online
Complete project deployment, application launch, etc., and provide operational guidance to assist customers in solving operational problems.
ongoing maintenance
After the project is developed, a free maintenance period is provided to escort your project with timely response and responsible attitude.
Service Guarantee
  • nft digital collection system development
    premium plan

    Customize the right solution for you

  • Guangzhou nft development
    quality assurance

    Rigorous code specification, the choice of confidence in program development

  • nft development company
    Original Guarantee

    Adhere to original development and ensure that copyright is not disputed

  • nft blind box development
    after-sale warranty

    Efficient and responsible, quick response to project maintenance

  • Digital collection app development
    Confidentiality commitment

    Ensure the security of data and abide by the promise of confidentiality

  • Blind box app
    free consultation

    With rich project experience, provide reliable consulting advice

  • Airdrop blind box app
    Value-added services

    Assist in providing value-added services, and the project has no worries

  • Guangzhou Digital Collection app development company
    Caring service

    360° all-round service runs through the entire project process

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