Harrow International Education

Founded in London, England in 1572, Harrow School is a prestigious private school in the world. Adhering to the values ​​and fine traditions of British Harrow, Harrow International has been deeply rooted in Asia for more than 20 years, with a solid foundation and remarkable achievements. MRT provides comprehensive Internet solutions such as official account development, H5 development, brand official website construction, etc.

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As of 2019, MRT has been developed and operated by Harrow International
  • 4 sites
  • 3 official account
  • 12 Interactive H5
MRT has accumulatively developed and operated projects for Harrow International
Official website
According to the brand image of different schools, MRT has customized a number of unique official websites for Harrow International to meet the high-end positioning needs of the brand.
  • AISL Group Official Website
  • Harrow Reed School official website
  • Harrow International Microsite
  • Harrow School Official Website
service number
In order to provide a WeChat third-party authorization platform, MRT continues to provide one-stop development and operation services for the public accounts under Hello International.
  • Harrow international official account
  • Reed Smith ILA Public Account
  • LittleLions Little Lions Cub Development Official Account
Interactive H5
Cooperating with the school's online and offline enrollment publicity activities, MRT has developed several different types of H5 to enhance brand publicity and realize functions such as data collection and channel monitoring, greatly improving the enrollment efficiency of each school.
  • Hello international circle of friends advertisement H5
  • Harrow International Event Invitation Letter H5
  • Harrow International Event Registration H5
  • Harrow Reed school activity registration H5
  • Harrow Reed School Counseling Appointment H5
  • Hello Lion Moments Advertisement H5