Education Industry Solution Course Registration and Teaching Interaction

Education is one of the industries that MRT focuses on. In addition to the in-depth cooperation with Harrow International Education, MRT provides industry solutions for a number of training schools, enabling schools to achieve higher teaching efficiency, parents to obtain more intimate parent-child services, and children to experience Better quality educational programs.

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Huada Education
Music training WeChat mini-program that integrates course purchase reservation, performance ticket system, and musical instrument store
  • Course Purchase Reservation

    The music training courses provided by Huada Education require various payment combinations. MRT customizes and supports the purchase method of various course combinations according to the actual situation; after purchasing course hours, users can use the small program made by MRT to reserve teaching courses provided by different teachers .

  • Show Ticket System

    Ticket sales and ticket inspection for music performances are also important business areas of Huada Education. Therefore, BGI’s WeChat Mini Program provides a complete ticketing system. The organizers can issue early bird tickets, normal tickets and tickets of various denominations, and support on-site scanning for ticket verification.

  • Musical instrument store

    Huada Education’s WeChat mini-program also integrates the musical instrument mall system to solve the problem of offline musical instrument sales collection with a unique on-site write-off form.

Vocal Education
SaaS platform serving parents, institutions, and teacher education courses
  • Combination of online and offline courses

    The broadcasting and hosting training courses provided by Voice Education not only provide offline education experience, but also plan the online paid course submission function. Parents can see relevant information about their children's offline education through the Voice Education Mini Program, and can also purchase additional online paid courses for their children.

  • Franchise SaaS platform

    The high-quality broadcasting and hosting training courses of Voice Education have attracted the attention of franchisees. In order to better provide teaching output services for franchisees and manage the education quality of each franchise store, MRT has built a SaaS platform for franchisees to provide franchisees and teachers with a convenient platform for teaching plans and tutorials.

  • Teacher-student interaction after class

    Good teaching is inseparable from unremitting practice after class. The Voice Education WeChat Mini Program provides students with an online channel to submit after-class practice works. After collecting the works, the corresponding teachers can comment on the works in various forms and interact with students online.