Medical industry solutions Medical patient follow-up system

Through the accumulation of cases over the years, MRT has a unique understanding of medical industry solutions. With the popularization of mobile Internet and social software, MRT found that in the field of chronic diseases, doctors and patients can use Internet technology to greatly improve medical efficiency. Therefore, MRT has been deeply involved in the medical patient follow-up system, and has reached cooperation with many well-known domestic hospitals and departments to customize industry solutions.

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Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Urology Follow-up System
  • On-site product research

    MRT dispatched professional product managers to Nanjing for on-the-spot inspections, collecting requirements, and providing customers with high-quality product design services.

  • medical plan development

    The form customization function provided by MRT enables doctors to edit unique medical plans on the mobile phone according to the conditions of different patients.

  • OCR technology (image text recognition)

    MRT uses OCR technology (image text), so that patients can easily enter dozens of indicators in the test list by using their mobile phones to take pictures_upload the photos of the test list.

  • multi-role management

    The professional product manager of MRT went to Nanjing for on-the-spot investigation, set up the roles of department directors, doctors at all levels, nurses, inspectors, and patients for the system, and restored the offline operation process.

  • Abnormal Threshold Management

    Doctors set various indicators and corresponding abnormal thresholds. When abnormalities occur in individual patient indicators, the system summarizes and reminds doctors, reducing the daily workload of doctors.

  • WeChat social function

    The follow-up system relies on the MRT WeChat public account platform, and doctors and patients can log in and use it separately, which facilitates daily doctor-patient communication and accepts message reminders automatically issued by the system.

Glaucoma case follow-up system of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen University
  • Follow-up and case collection

    The system can create multiple case collection items according to the subdivision types of glaucoma cases. The follow-up data is linked to the collection project and automatically sorted into the database.

  • Audit authority

    In order to ensure that the data of the cases are correct, MRT has set up multiple audit role mechanisms for the follow-up system, and left traces of operation records to ensure the credibility of the data.

  • multi-role management

    Based on the personnel structure of the glaucoma department of Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center of Sun Yat-sen University, the roles of database builder, quality control officer, doctor, nurse, and data entry officer were set.

  • Visiting point settings

    The follow-up plan supports the setting of multiple visit points, and can add window period options. When the visiting point arrives, it will automatically trigger the sending of system information, and notify both doctors and patients.