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One of Hennessy's Chinese star projects, "Hennessy Rediscovers Chinese Flavor", aims to strengthen the relationship between Chinese food and Hennessy Cognac. In the past few years, it has been recognized by many industry insiders and consumers. As a long-term technical partner, MRT provides services such as strategic layout technology development and support operations.

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WeChat official account development, operation and technical support
  • Official micro platform planning

    Create an official WeChat public account to become the central hub of the project, and play the role of coordinating online promotion channel tools and connecting online and offline activities for promotion.

  • WeChat SCRM solution

    MRT analyzed the operation of official accounts in multiple dimensions, and formulated a planning plan for a social CRM system based on WeChat and a series of peripheral programs.

  • Fan interaction activation

    For the promotion of each channel, customize and develop interactive H5, carefully operate private domain traffic, and monitor the effect of activities in real time through the background system.

  • daily operation support

    Develop a variety of secondary functions on the official account (such as template information, fan classification, coupon functions, etc.) to meet daily operational needs.

  • Special event planning

    MRT Special Events has customized and designed an online solution that integrates functions such as sign-up, card issuance, and precise push, throughout the entire series of large-scale events.

  • High concurrency solution

    Moments advertisements bring millions of exposures in a short period of time. MRT provides a high-concurrency solution to enable event registration H5 to pass the highest requirements of the WeChat stress test and be used for the promotion of Moments advertisements.

  • Digital event experience

    The digital experience solution proposed by MRT enhances user experience through functions such as online quick answer, event photo stream, and real-time ranking.

  • Program Planning and Operation

    MRT sends special personnel to conduct on-site inspections, analyze and formulate solutions, and provide long-term technical support services to relieve customers from worries.