Hennessy rediscovered Chinese flavor

Hennessy, a famous French cognac brand, invited Chen Xiaoqing, Zhang Liang and song Qian to jointly perform the Hennessy food laboratory. With three videos about food, you can rediscover the Chinese flavor.

Hennessy 8 limited edition bottled cognac is the crystallization of exquisite craftsmanship, which fully demonstrates the legendary history of the family and reveals the mystery of innovative craftsmanship in the brewing process.



The two families complement each other. Together, Hennessy and the Fairwood family create a unique and extraordinary wine. Today, the exquisite brewing technology has been passed down for seven generations.

Hennessy 8 cognac is not only a tribute to eight kinds of rare water of life, but also a symbol of the family's inheritance: Yann fillioux, the seventh generation master craftsman of the family, handed down the exquisite brewing technology of the family to his nephew Renaud fillioux de Gironde, namely the eighth generation master craftsman of the family.

All round salute

Hennessy 8 cognac is a unique masterpiece. It pays homage to the family's exquisite brewing technology.

The bottle itself is a masterpiece of art, designed by Arik levy. The eight rings on it symbolize Hennessy's chief artist of eight generations. The bottle is blow molded from baccarat crystal and hand cut and engraved by craftsmen. Bottle stickers surround the bottle and pay homage to nature and human creativity. Created by the Hennessy family, it symbolizes the great inheritance.